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Cool Down in the Summer

Are you still sweating after your A/C has been turned up to the max? Enjoy a nice cool breeze after a call to AMI, Inc. Our years of experience and cutting-edge tools gets your A/C system working again so you can enjoy your summer!  Want cold air? Call the polar bear!

Our A/C Services Include:

  • Repairs
  • Maintenance
  • Installations
  • And More!


How Does My A/C System Work?

Your home or business’s air conditioning system uses three steps to keep temperatures down. The first step is to take in warm air from the outside. Then, your air conditioning unit will compress that air and blow it across a cooling coil full of refrigerant. This transforms the warm air into a cool, refreshing breeze. Lastly, your air will distribute through the house, either through ductwork or a vent on your A/C unit.

The inside of an air conditioning unit can be a maze. Instead of trying to tackle the complicated job of A/C repairs yourself, let us take over. We have the expertise needed to repair all cooling systems of all brands. Whether your thermostat has broken down or your A/C unit needs new parts, we can help. Call the polar bear today!

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